The success of your Direct Mail campaign will hinge on the quality of your target data and ensuring that the right message is sent to the right recipient, at exactly the right time.

We’ll manage your marketing data to secure absolute compliance during every step of your campaign, so you can safely maximise its results.



Managing Your Data

We take data security extremely seriously. You can trust us to manage your Direct Mail data professionally and safely, in accordance with DPA 2018 (GDPR). From initial data transfer to managing opt-outs over time, we’ll work with you to guarantee every responsibility is met.

We are ISO27001 accredited, and our skilled data processing team is regularly and externally audited for compliance, giving you complete confidence that your data is protected.

Data Management




Data Cleansing

Poor quality data can waste your budget, efficiency and even reputation if it isn’t detected early enough. As part of our data management process, we’ll check for duplicates, as well as undeliverable or unsuitable records, which are then removed and returned to you via secure transfer (unless directed otherwise).

As a result, you’ll benefit from improved campaign performance and truly make the most of your marketing spend.

Data Cleansing

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