Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is essential to data quality and the success of your Direct Mail campaign.

Not only will it allow you to be compliant with DPA2018 (GDPR), but you’ll benefit from positive interactions with your customer base and reduce unnecessary spending.

We’ll help to ensure that your data is fully and regularly cleansed, so you can maximise campaign performance and every potential sales opportunity.

Data Suppression

DPA2018 requires that everyone has the right to opt out of certain categories of communications. The most effective way to manage this is with a suppression file.

Our inbound solution removes the hassle of managing suppression files. With a PO Box address for physical returns and a dedicated email address for unsubscribe requests, we’ll populate and update your suppression file every day, as well as securely providing a copy to you on an agreed scheduled.

Better yet, we’ll make sure your returns are responsibly managed with secure recycling.

Data Auditing

We can fully audit your data for compliance, using industry leading data specialists.

The service includes:

  • Address Screening – PAF processing, de-duplication, relocation, NCOA
  • Mail Suppression – Deceased, goneaway, MPS
  • Telephone Numbers – Consumer telenumbering, TPS, FPS
  • Data Collating – Name formatting, email validation, profanity check.

We’re pleased to offer these audits free of charge, to every customer.

If any remedial action is required, we’ll supply you with a quotation so your data can be campaign-ready, quickly and easily.

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